Depending on the Client’s requests we will implement a part of the liquidation process.

Due to the well-developed network of 370 experts we are able to get to every part of Poland. The experts specialize in specific insurance events

  • Transport experts
  • Property experts
  • Technical liquidators

Transport appraisers have access to all essential programmes such as Audatex, Carwert, Infoekspert. The appreiser can contact his mentor in our headquarters and gain support. Over 20% of the orders which are implemented by our area appraisers are controlled by the specialists from the seat of the company. Such a procedure aims at providing a high quality for the services offered by us.

Property liquidators during their examinations prepare a documentation for the damage and its circumstances. They write a protocol and attach a proper photographic documentation. Due to the Client’s requests the injured party gives or takes the documentation.

In case the order includes the evaluation of the value of the damage the calculation in the seat of the company is made. Our employees hold diplomas of higher construction education. The calculations are made according to the guidelines submitted by our Clients with the use of Norma Pro program and Sekocenbud pricelist.

The procedures connected with the property liquidations include controlling activities according to the abovementioned pattern.